Black Friday Delta Wifi Code Giveaway – Enter Today by 8 am EST

Flying Delta today and need to shop online? I have a 60-minute Delta wi-fi code good until December 31, 2014.

Leave a comment by 08:00 am EST, today, November 28, 2014 with a Black Friday deal you snagged or want to snag. Sorry for the early cutoff, I have a flight to take!

The email field in the comments must contain a valid email address for me to notify the potential winner.

1 potential winner will be selected at random and notified by email by 09:00 am EST, November 28, 2014 and posted here. The potential winner must respond to accept by Sunday, November 30  at 11:59 pm EDT, after which an alternate will be drawn.


And the draw goes to Beth K who tipped us off to eBates 20% cashback on eBags plus eBags site-wide 20% off, I already used it for a new backpack:

Delta Wifi 28Nov14

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  • Jonathon Dukes

    Go Pro Silver from Best Buy!

  • Aaron K

    Seattle Chocolates 25% entire order!

  • Beth K

    Ebags through Ebates – 20% cash back and 20% off your order.

  • tom mcgowan

    Best buy. 50″ LCD. $198

  • JRG

    Got a Groupon with 9x miles and 11% off, so that was nice.

  • Evan

    99$ lap top computer best buy Azus

  • Cyndi

    Holding off on Black Friday.. Better deals to come online closer to Christmas

  • Dan

    I’ll be stacking coupons for cole haan shoes

  • Larry d

    Thanks for the contest. Need my code for Christmas Day.

  • Rob

    Lowes has Samsung washers at 35% off; $699 each. I know, not as sexy as a TV or new tablet, but I need a new washer and dryer. Now I have to see about pairing my purchase with the right mileage shopping program. Le sigh.

  • mk83

    Would love that code, I’ve got another 14 hour flight to Tokyo coming up and they now have wifi on this flight.

  • DC

    got a couple deals from Amazon!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Beth K – thanks, just used that one!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @mk83 – so sad to see Delta phasing out NRT in favor of SEA.

  • Atif

    Got a $200 50 inch flat screen TV from Best Buy yesterday! Also flying NRT to SEA on a WiFi equipped A330 so the code would be helpful!

  • Jim