Chicago Seminars Presentation: International Travel Bootcamp

Here are the slides from my Chicago Seminars International Travel Bootcamp presentation. We had a great audience and fun night kicking off the weekend:

Also see my Hotwire and Priceline presentation, and bonus reprise of Rental Car Savings.

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  • Gene

    interesting presentation.
    slides 67 & 68. hotels.
    can you please offer any advice about choice hotels & preferred hotel group?
    any “sweet spots”?

  • Warren

    Wonderful job at the ORD seminar! I look forward to your presentations ever year.

  • Shannon

    To be accurate, US passport holders enjoy visa free or visa on arrival of 174 countries, not 166 as per Wiki and Henry Global.

  • John Paul

    Hey Stefan,

    I echo Warren’s sentiments–great presentation at the Chicago Seminars. Quick question re: the Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account you referenced in your presentation. Do you only use that account for foreign travel, or is that your main checking account? I ask only because I current bank with BoA, but was intrigued by the no fx/ATM reimbursement you referenced, and am wondering if it makes sense to switch banks altogether, or just open up a separate checking account with Schwab just for the purposes of withdrawing money when abroad. Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – thank you. These numbers always seems inflated for all the visas I have had to get.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @John Paul – 2 schools of thought here. One is to have a travel ATM card with only a few hundred dollars in case it gets hacked. Other is that I use Schwab for my primary checking and am very happy. My compromise is I have a business sole proprietership brokerage account with them that also has an ATM card that I use as the travel one. And a friend recently got Schwab to open a second checking account for him after some calling.

  • Shannon

    Hopefully one day four brick- Brazil, Russia, India and China can grand US travelers visa free. That will save a lot of time and money to apply visa.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – supposedly India visa on arrival is in the works, there were media claims of as early as this December though I have not seen recent reports with updates.

  • Shannon

    Does Russia allow 72 hours visa free transit like China do in some cities?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – for Russia stays longer than 24 hours and/or require changing airports you need to get a transit visa in advance. Since a number of Russia cities have multiple airports and disconnected terminals, unless absolutely sure you can transit to a flight connection without a visa, it is better to get the transit visa.