How to Book Rental Cars for Less from Chicago Seminars

Here are the slides from How to Book Rental Cars for Less that Daraius from Million Mile Secrets and I did at the Chicago Seminars.

From our presentation at FTU we expanded coverage on portals and added new tips on BJ’s, off-airport and more.

See also my International Travel Bootcamp from opening night and Hotwire and Priceline from Sunday.

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  • Brandon

    What’s the best way to book rental cars in China, Vietnam, or other countries where rental cars don’t show up on major travel search engines? In China, I can’t seem to find rental cars outside of Beijing and Shanghai (even on Auto Europe, Europcar, and Sixt).

  • @Brandon – for China rental agencies are still quite limited in their locations. You can try Avis or Hertz among the major brands, they have the most locations, you may need to find their China sites which will have English. There are lots of local operators, hard to recommend them. Taxis are really cheap in China so rather few people rent. Note that all the agencies will have options to include a driver or not. Vietnam I have not visited in a decade so cannot speak to. In general rental cars are relatively rare in many Asian countries since there are such robust public transport networks as well as the taxi options.

  • Mae

    If I rent through the UR Mall and use a combination of points and cash, do I need to pay with a Chase card? Is it possible to use another credit card? Do you think it is worth it to use the Amex Platinum for car rentals to get the primary coverage instead?

  • @Mae – through UR Mall you must use the Chase card linked to the UR account. The Amex premium coverage which is an additional charge only is an enhanced CDW, it does not cover liability, so while I used to have it, I dropped the Amex coverage. Amex Platinum cards as I am aware are not primary CDW, only that people find their claims service to be fair. I recently went through a Chase claim and the process was ok, there covered all but $25 of the $50 administration fee.

  • Mae

    So is this not accurate?

    American Express Premium Coverage

    This is an option all American Express cardholders have for a flat fee of $24.95 ($17.95 for California residents) per rental period, (not per rental day). While this coverage also excludes Australia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, and New Zealand, it is considered primary coverage, meaning you won’t have to file a claim with your insurance company.

    The coverage is for up to $100,000 of primary coverage for damage or theft and accidental death or dismemberment coverage ($250,000 for California residents), up to $15,000 for excess medical expenses per person, and up to $5,000 for excess personal property coverage ($15,000 for Florida residents).

    There is also no deductible for this coverage.

  • @Mae – that is correct but it only includes damage to your car. Insurance rules differ by state but this coverage explicitly excludes liability for damage to others. No credit card provides liability coverage. So in such a case you would either need existing auto insurance or to purchase.

  • Mae

    Ok, so if I use all points, I am essentially only using my personal car insurance as coverage correct? If I use a combination of points and cash through UR mall though, does Chase provide coverage for partial or is it only if it is full payment?

  • @Mae – some people have reported being told by he Benefits Administrator that those rentals with the associated Chase UR card and using some or all UR points are accepted. I would call myself to verify and take the agent’s details.

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