Is Mt Fuji Possible as a Day Trip?

Update: I made it. Possible, yes. Painful, yes, yes and yes. Full post coming when I recover.


4:30 am Tokyo, Intercontinental Tokyo Bay, sun already up.

I have read mixed things about attempting Mt Fuji in a day, and with recent UNESCO listing and holidays in full swing, crowds will be high, though on this Friday not as high as last weekend’s public holiday. The nonstop buses from Shinjuku do not accommodate the day tripper’s schedule so I am being creative.

Update in about 18 hours.

Mt. Fuji

Photo by hoge asdf

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  • rick b

    I’ll be attempting this in 3 weeks, keep up posted. Why do buses on accomodate day trippers? They leave early and you can catch another bus or train around 8-8:30 after sunset. Hakone is a possible alternative.

  • Andrey

    I do like it but I prefer on NHK World, from the comfort of my couch.

  • Bob

    Yes – it is possible, though I would recommend climbing at night and timing your ascent so that you get to the top of Mt. Fuji for sunrise. You avoid some of the crowds that way, and the experience really can’t be beat. You can take a nonstop bus from Shinjuku that will arrive at the perfect time for a night hike.

  • aadvantagegeek

    Good luck!

  • Marilynn

    I did a tour via bus as a day trip with a stop for lunch a couple of years ago and it was great. There was an option to take the bullet train back to Tokyo for an additional fee that would have saved an hour or so. It included a boat trip on a lake and stopped at a great art museum since the Gondala ride option was socked in with fog.

  • alan

    hope u can report on success to hike to the top of mt fuji in a day trip.

  • Gene

    18 hours have passed, I hope you haven’t…

  • PedroNY

    I hope you had a blast!



  • @Bob – with my business trip there was no opportunity to go for a sunrise trip, as it stood I had commitments last night till midnight, 4 hours of sleep, and then off to Fuji. Now that I have seen how rugged the terrain is, I don’t think I would sign up for the night version, but maybe because I have done enough overnight hikes to see sunrise that I am getting jaded and soft. Though the scenery most of the way is terrible and night wouldn’t miss much.

    @alan – success indeed, and perfect weather!

    @Gene – ok, 19, back in Tokyo.

  • Bob

    Glad to hear you made it! It’s also good to hear that you’re able to enjoy your time in Japan despite your business commitments – I always try and do the same when I’m traveling for work.

  • @Bob – I think it is a shame and self-defeating when business travelers do not slip in something local, even if just an early morning walk to a market or a quick sightseeing stop in the evening by cutting back a drink or two at the bar. No surprise that every country I have done business in I find that showing interest in the culture is a huge benefit, even if just focused on business considerations.