Chai Digest: Hipster Density, Hotel Toothpaste, and more

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Yelp Worldmap: What’s the hipster density in your city? (Matador)

The Mystery of the Missing Hotel Toothpaste (Slate).

How To Choose Luggage For Business Travel (Forbes). Exhaustive report.

U.S. airlines threaten to cut Bahamas service over new fees (Travel Weekly).

China worst in world in terms of air travel delays (China National News). This week I am flying up to Beijing from Shanghai the night before a flight that I cannot miss because the first flights out are not until nearly 8 am and too many risks of delays.

The Summer of Long Customs Waits (WSJ). Get Global Entry.

Visualization of Detailed flight patterns at major airports (Flowing Data).

Haiti makes a risky $160 millon bet on high-end tourism (Skift).

Plan to Boost Staten Island ‘Downtown’ (WSJ).

Bhutan Is No Shangri-La (NYT). When I traveled to Bhutan the gentleman in the seat next to me was a psychiatrist brought by the royal family on a project to use therapy to combat the high female suicide rate.

Your Flip-Flops Are Grossing Me Out (Slate).

Tiger Airways Grows Up & Dumbs Down as “TigerAir” (modhop).

What’s Life Like in an Airport Transit Zone? (Slate).

One of the world’s great natural history museums is having big money problems (Skift).

Photos: China’s Largest-Ever Algae Bloom (WSJ China Real Time).

Maldives President Opens Burger King (WSJ India Real Time).

Google’s Filipino Citizen Map Makers Fill in the Blanks (Southeast Asia Real Time).

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9 years ago

Thanks for the link to the oiece on Bhutan. It’s amazing how shameful the Bhutanese government is. I had some hopes that the new King might make some amends for his father’s crimes against humanity. The whole “Gross National Happiness” sham certainly doesn’t apply to the refugees or to the Indian migrant workers who fix the roads through back-breaking manual labor.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@john – the arrival experience is often called ‘3rd world’ which is an insult to many countries that have proper, effective immigration without nearly the resources, it seems the US and UK are in a rivalry to aggravate every citizen and visitor that travel. When I got in to China yesterday at Shanghai Pudong, one of the busiest airports in the world, I had one person in front of me in line, then breezed through and happily clicked the ‘greatly satisfied’ button on the evaluation panel. A service mentality rather than the guilty until confirmed guilty mentality in the US.… Read more »

9 years ago

long customs waits… interesting how there is no mention of the main cause of the wait, the ridiculousness of US immigration/customs checks vs anywhere else in the world. If they would not give everyone such a hard time for leaving the country, we would not be waiting hours. I never get asked any questions on entry to any country except when I come home… something is wrong with that.