Car Smash and Grab in Toronto

Canadians seem all smiles and cuddles, however at least one specializes in car smash and grabs.

We were enjoying a sumptuous Chinatown late lunch with friend @mchoi9 at über-authentic Hong Kong-style place House of Gourmet:

House of Gourmet Toronto 1

Meanwhile, two blocks away, our car:

Toronto Smash and Grab

Stay tuned…

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  • Oh no…. 🙁

  • Curtis

    Canada is actually really bad about this. My parents and sister in Vancouver had a lot of stuff stolen out of their car exactly the same way (popped open trunk too). When the police came, they didn’t care. Basically what they told them is that this kind of crime is NOT prosecuted much and the penalties are VERY minimal… so guess what!? People just keep doing it. I don’t leave anything in a car at all while in Canada for this reason. Such a shame…

    This is why I live in Texas and agree with the death penalty. If there is no penalty for the crime, there is no deterrence to stop it.

  • Joe

    Funny (but not) you say this – I was in Toronto 2 months ago with a couple friends from NY and we were all joking about how we saw 3-4 police officers total during our 2 day stay. It was like there is no force at all.

  • Matt M

    Except the death penalty doesn’t prevent crime, statistically speaking. But believe whatever you want if it makes you sleep better at night.

  • Curtis

    Point is the same regardless. People break into more cars in Canada because there is basically no penalty to doing so.

  • Concussioner

    It was probably Mayor Ford on a crack binge

  • Carl

    There are a lot of property crimes in Canada and little police enforcement. I have no idea why Canadians put up with this. It’s embarrassing.

  • @All – the police response was “it happens all the time,” and did not bother to show up; a neighbor said he has seen it at least 20 times in the year he has lived there and nothing is done, not even a camera installed.

  • Matt M

    And more on topic, did you leave something sitting out in plain sight?

    I guess I’m a creature of habit from living in Baltimore for 8+ years now, but I never leave anything out in the car that is, or might indicate there’s something, worth stealing. I follow this religiously no matter where I go, and even so, I’ve still had my car broken into 2 or 3 times.

    Sorry to hear regardless. This is never a good feeling.

  • @Matt M – all our stuff was in the trunk and untouched, unfortunately, we let our guard down picking up our friend, who is a seasoned and careful traveler, with the seemingly safe neighborhood on a bright sunny day, his pack was in the back seat and that is what was taken.

  • Matt M

    Yeah, thieves are opportunistic like that. Hope nothing too valuable was taken. People are jerks sometimes, even Canadians, it turns out.

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  • Bummer man, so sorry to read that about the rental car smash up… nice to meet you though.

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