China Eastern Ferragamo Amenity Kit Giveaway

Who wants a China Eastern Ferragamo amenity kit?

China Eastern Ferragamo Amenity Kit

Leave a comment to this post with the China Eastern destination you most want to visit and why. Consult their route map or the destinations Wikipedia page.

No, you don’t need to fly China Eastern to get there, certainly not the dreaded A340. Their A330 is supposed to be good and for short hops they are a fine airline. Along with China Southern, a good way to get around Asia on SkyMiles, especially with 72 visa-free transit in China Eastern’s Shanghai base.

Enter by Friday, May 17 at 11:59 EDT, one entry per person, include a valid email address in your comment, shipping to US addresses only, winner will be selected at random from valid entries, shipping will be early June when I am back in the US.


And the winner is #4, miccid, who wrote: “Beijing. I have been studying Mandarin for one year now, and at 33 my brain is not the sponge it once was. Still, so much fun.” I am in Beijing today and taking my colleague to the Great Wall, I hope you get a chance to visit!

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  • Evan


  • SC

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Bangkok

  • miccid

    Beijing. I have been studying Mandarin for one year now, and at 33 my brain is not the sponge it once was. Still, so much fun.

  • Truthiness

    Male, Maldives!

  • tiffany l

    male, maldives!

  • joel a.

    Tokyo, for the architectural design.

  • joanna

    Shanghai, China.

  • Brandon


  • See

    Male, Maldives!

  • Bryant


  • Chengdu

  • Bangkok- double exclamation point.

  • Based on your experience on the A340, I think I’d just as well not. But if it was my only available gateway to Asia…I suppose Singapore would be a nice trip.

  • count me in for Bangkok!

  • Diane


  • Paul

    Male Maldives – would love to go surfing and be somewhat disconnected from society

  • Sophia


  • Narayana S

    Male, Maldives as many others have mentioned. We are going there next July but havent booked tickets yet :).

  • PVG for sure. A lot more fun than the U.S.

  • Ted

    I am dying to go back to Kunming.

  • Embla

    I’m from Hawaii so I’d like to try China Eastern’s nonstop HNL-PVG. Plus, it’s on the A330! I’d love to visit Shanghai and explore the nearby cities – Xitang 西塘 has been high on my list lately. 🙂

  • Rita S

    Guilin China, sounds facinating!

  • Vivek D

    I would love to go to Male

  • Simon

    Male, Maldives

  • Al


  • ket

    Male, Maldives with my spouse wld be nice. )

  • Siem Reap (REP)!

  • allen

    Shanghai would be awesome…so much to do/see/eat there!

  • Ping

    I want to travel to chengdu to see panda!

  • GC


  • I’ve actually never been to HongKong.

  • Tyler

    Kuala Lumpur has a place near the top my travel “bucket list”!

  • Marco A.


  • Pam B

    Shanghai, China.

  • Bradley B.


  • Vikram

    Chengdu, because of the spicy food there!

  • Pamela T

    Phuket, for the opportunity to see some of those beaches.

  • Andy O.


  • Chris

    Would love to go to Singapore! Had a friend from there and told me about the great food and nightlife. I’m also a big fan of watches, and they have many places where you can pick up some nice vintage Seiko pieces.

  • Ari K

    Can’t spell it, but want it!

  • Marvin

    Phuket – never seen a bad photo of he beautiful beaches

  • Would love to visit Hanoi and experience the culture.

  • Shanghai!

  • Jamie

    I’ve had Paris on the mind quite a bit lately, so since its one of their destinations, that’s what I’d pick, though I think it’s kind of cheating since I am starting in north America.
    My second choice would be Shanghai, which I’ve been interested in ever since I met another grad student visiting Canberra. When I asked where she was visiting from she said Shangai. It was my first time abroad and that was a moment I’ll always remember. Wow, there I was in Australia chatting with a young woman from shanghai. Travel is amazing.

  • John McKinney


  • Joel

    Melbourne, Australia would be wonderful because I really want to visit the city and see a friend who lives there.

  • Kevin Brown


  • jonathan

    I wanna go to Vientiane then PVG to Paris. MU752 then MU554.
    The first trip is for a girl im dating so she can visit her parents, then to PVG to CDG for fun time in paris. She would be all about that.

  • Suzy S.

    I would visit Bangkok.

  • David

    Flying china eastern on business in business class and the smoke was going in inside the cabin and we have to be off the plane 3x before they made the decision they are not flying the plane so they transferred me to ANA business. With that sory I would like to go to Yun nan and Paris.

  • JetsettingEric


  • Saif

    Shanghai – I’ve been dying to see the bustling city and skyline!

  • Kadence

    Anywhere they fly to in Japan to try real sushi

  • Wendy

    Shanghai so I can go buy knitting needles cheap!

  • Benson Sim


  • James

    Hong Kong!

  • Natalie M

    Shanghai please.

  • Sajer Guy

    Been all over China, but haven’t been to Nanjing yet

  • Brent

    Definitely Beijing…want to start exploring China from the hub.

  • Shannon


  • Diego

    Shanghai for sure!!!

  • Sang


  • Linda T

    Male, Maldives

    Going to Shanghai in July. If you have suggestions for side trips, please let me know. Really enjoyed your presentation at FTU. Also am working on Traveler’s Century Club. Just have 8 more destinations to make 100:)

  • Ted

    Hong kong!

  • Jordan

    Either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City!

  • Would love to fly to Bangkok on them!

  • Melodie Moss

    Calcutta, India is a lifetime dream of mine. Volunteering at the Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity center is on my bucket list.

  • Michael H.(oldfox)

    Tokyo would be great!!!

  • Nick O

    Johannesburg, South Africa!

  • Danielle E

    I’d have to go with Hong Kong, I’ve heard so much about it and never been.

  • I want to go to Xi’an to experience first hand China’s history