Rio’s Sugarloaf – Jaws, critters and a plane-spotters feast (video)

I went for Bond, I saw the planes fly by.

Rio’s Sugarloaf is emblazoned on my memory for the harrowing scene in James Bond film Moonraker and it was a thrill to ride up.

Brazil 233
I did not expect that it is a plane spotter’s feast, with a breathtaking view of Santos Dumont Airport, the planes on takeoff passing behind the peak.

Brazil 200

Brazil 231

For those more terrestrially-focused, watch for the little critters darting around the trees.

Brazil 168

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  • Pamela T

    You had fantastic weather!

  • Henry

    I was there a month ago. It is my hometown.
    If you need any help, let me know.



  • Nick O

    Do you know what that animal is?

  • @Nick O – I just researched it, this page has good info, the animal is a marmoset.

  • Embla

    Wow! Amazing view!

  • Larry

    Did you see any large steel-mouthed men or small German women?

  • @Larry – I was really hoping!

  • I want to go to Brazil now!