Costco Travel adds Avis/Budget/Enterprise profile numbers to bookings

Costco Travel and Capital One No Hassle Rewards are my favorite car rental options. Costco Travel does not require prepayment so is more flexible than Capital One, which requires prepayment and takes a phone call to cancel and refund. The savings are often so dramatic that it generally does not pay for me to book frequent flyer mile-earning alternatives. Costco Travel requires a Costco membership and Capital One requires a card with No Hassle Rewards.

The Costco Travel website has gotten a new facelift and in bookings today I almost missed the inclusion of lines to enter Avis Wizard, Budget FastBreak and Enterprise Plus accounts to reservations. Nothing for Alamo Insiders.

Previously it was hit or miss to call the rental agency and add account numbers.

Nice to have this time-saver which can bypass rental lines and accrue rewards, depending on the program.

You need to look sharp, the entry box is just above Terms & Conditions.

Costo Travel Avis Wizard

Reservations previously booked cannot be modified online so you can try calling or, if the same or better rate is available, make a new booking and then cancel the old.

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  • PSL

    Agree that Costco travel rates are terrific, but have been told at the counter that the Costco rate does not qualify for miles. (sorry, don’t remember which rental company.) Have you or readers actually received miles from Costco travel bookings?

  • @PSL – not received miles, this change I believe will only help in bypassing counter lines and such, but I am curious to test, for instance with Enterprise Plus, if I earn points with that, despite the program being so weak.

  • I manually added my Budget number to a Costco reservation a few months ago and earned miles.

  • Kevin

    I just called Costco to add my Fastbreak number to an existing Budget reservation and they said it is not possible. Do you know if this enhancement was only for Avis as the screenshot shows?

  • @Kevin – you can enter online for a new reservation but not existing, you could make a new one if the price is same or better, otherwise, try calling Budget and see if they can add it.

  • K.M.Sundelius

    Trying 2 get the discount on a “budget” car @ Tampa

  • K.M.Sundelius

    costco #mugz029

  • K.M.Sundelius

    I’ll need the car from 8;00 @ TPA, 1/16/13,prox 8:00 PM Til 1/21/13.
    I want the “Weekend” discount, and any other discounts

  • @K.M. Sundelius – not sure how to help with your request, but feel free to email me and I will see what I can do.