The parallel universe FlyerTalk: Traveling Better – do you use it?

There exists a parallel universe travel forum, Traveling Better, that until a post by the most productive man in the world, was hidden to me. It looks like FlyerTalk but wrinkles in time-space cause certain discrepancies. I asked around at the Chicago Seminars and some had heard of it, one said it is “even geekier than FlyerTalk.” I did not locate any users of it and began to wonder if the denizens of Traveling Better have their own parallel ecosystem of meet-ups, blogs and the like. Perhaps while the Chicago Seminars was at Chicago O’Hare, they were at Chicago Midway.

I am hopeless at following even one forum, so FlyerTalk and MilePoint are already overload for me, but readers, I am curious, do you follow Traveling Better? What are its strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition?

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  • wow, the Lufthansa hasn’t been touched in 2 years……

  • dhammer53

    I’m a member. The board was started several years ago as a mirror to Flyertalk. Some thought FT was out of hand back then, so the board was set up. Some activity initially, but over time it’s just a limited audience.

    Think Milepoint offshoot (at the time), but membership was not open to everyone (to keep out how shall I say) some posters that may have been troublemakers. That’s a very broad generalization, but you get the idea.

    I still peek in every now and them on TB. Flyertalk still leads the way for me. Milepoint still has a ways to go. With the exception of the games threads and the MegaDo’s, there’s not much content. Recently, I asked MP posters to start a new thread on an interesting topic. That got little traction. Milepoint serves its purpose, just a TB and FT does. They all have a following. Nothing wrong with that.

    TB is still around. Other boards that started back them are long gone. Oh, the other reason those boards started… Flyertalk would go down/offline more often than not. Makes me long for the good old days.

  • Peter

    In fact a lot of their forums seem to be dead..

  • Traveling Better is just a forum for jonnyc who has some great insights into AA – and is banned by the lunatics in charge of the asylum that is known as flyertalk

  • Jeff

    It’s old.
    Free 100 SPG points? o.o

  • I believe Traveling Better usually is the 1st to get the scoop on American Airlines news, and JONNYC is banned from FlyerTalk…

  • @all – this is fascinating, so much drama!

  • Explore

    Milepoint is pretty somnolent, unless you want to start an extended conversation with one or two forum denizens with a lot of time on their hands.

  • Cook

    I tried it a couple of times, perhaps 12-15 months ago. At that time, I thought it was rather dull. There was little new content, virtually no comment and, as other have noted, a bit AA-centric. In short, why click if there is little or nothing on the other end?

  • Miles

    It might be good for those of us who fly AA a lot.