TSA PreCheck at LAX adds United

United has lagged behind its competitors in TSA PreCheck adoption, perhaps due to the merger, but is picking up steam. Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX) Terminal 7 now has PreCheck for qualifying United flyers (see press release).

United is added to American and Delta at LAX.

United Airlines terminal at LAX

Photo by Simon_sees

Side note: first look at the official LAX website made me think it is one of those pseudo-airport websites that tries to dupe people into thinking it is official. And loading with multiple errors in several test browsers. Sad.


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  • But not available at T6 which United uses for its Premium classes and Frequent Flyers? Odd.

  • JohnnieD

    I looked at the LAX website just yesterday and thought the same thing. It looked like one of those unofficial sites you mention. After using it a bit, all I can say is wow…it needs alot of help!!

  • Bill Fisher

    In the past year only 1.8 million passengers have used PreCheck, some of them several times. By comparison there are over 700 million passengers per year.

    The chances of you being able to use this is 2 in 100,000, and then only if you are a Delta, United, American or US Airways frequent flier. If you fly Southwest, forget it.

    If they increase this to 100 times its current size, that would still be less than 200 in 100,000 or 1 in every 500 passengers. That is not going to speed up the lines for anyone other than the very few elites.

    Why would the average traveler be happy to hear about a biased program that favors those with money and treats them as being more equal than others?

    This is a corrupt program that rewards those spending lots of money with one of these four airlines with reduced security abuse and excludes millions of law abiding and trustworthy citizens simply because they don’t spend enough with the TSA selected carriers.

    This is unfair and an insult to the basic tenets of equality. Would people be happy if TSA offered this only to millionaires, whites, men or college graduates? If not then they should oppose this along with the exemptions for other ‘special” groups. As the Ft Hood tragedy demonstrated, terrorists can even be high ranking Army psychiatrists.

    If these security measures aren’t applied to everyone equally, then they simply won’t work and should be stopped.

    There should be a class action suit brought against the airlines and TSA for this assault on the average traveler.

  • @Bill Fisher – thank you for the detailed comments. It is important to note that members of the CBP’s Trusted Traveler Programs (Global Entry/Nexus/Sentri) can also participate, and the cheapest of these is $50 for a 5-year membership. Airport security in the US is far, far, far from ideal, and this is only in the pilot phase, so we can hope that it will continue to expand and be a model for how to improve security for all flyers.