Winners of the Delta coupons, bumps round

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The winners of the Delta coupons are:

#4, Pointasaurus, a repeat winner, who wrote:

My wife and I took a voluntary bump in Salt Lake City years ago and then took another bump on the next flight they got us on. We still got back to ATL in the same day but it was late but well worth it. 4 tickets is worth a bit of a hassle.

Delta coupons bumps 1

#1, David, who wrote:

I once took a voluntary bump on an AA flight and was rebooked on a flight four hours later. I then called AA and managed to get on a new flight that actually got me to my final destination earlier. So I got better routing AND $400.

Delta coupons bumps 2

The comments on the original post had great stories about couples and travel, so check them out.

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