Check out the Air France spread at JFK

I realize this is JFK and all, but come on, not even a croissant?

Air France Lounge JFK

The internet has good speed and that’s all I care about, especially with a Ziploc bag of “Mother-in-Law Salmon Fried Rice” to enjoy.

And kudos to their superb newspaper and magazine selection, first time I have seen titles ranging from Vanity Fair to Cowboys & Indians.

Off to Shanghai on China Eastern, so excited, it has been so long!

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Tom /

While far from the top international lounge, this lounge typically has superior food offerings when compared to any domestic carrier. What time of day did you visit this lounge to take the photo?

Alex L

Looks like the United Club!

The Weekly Flyer

Typical Air France lounge. Your lucky they didn’t bring out the packaged Twinkies, oh wait…


They also downgraded from the Pommery.


It looks like the end of the day when everyone is closing up shop! Wow…