Wife Travel Harmony Tip 001 – Drop offs

Always drop her off at the entrance, even if the parking spot is inches away.

This is the first in an occasional series as I learn and am taught the things big and small to achieving Wife Travel Harmony.

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Rapid Travel Chai

@emily – I will make that more clear in future entries, these are meant to be practical, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, items on making travel with a partner a success based on my personal experience and what works for us. In my case that is my wife, so I will not be much help with tips on managing a husband and will of course not apply to others’ wives!


if it’s travel harmony tips for *your* wife, that’s fine. it sounded like it was meant to be more general.

Rapid Travel Chai

@emily – this is a rule she implemented, she wants the effort shown even when it is not needed as a sign of consideration.


a touch on the misogynist side. if i were your wife, i would be less than pleased.


drop off in front works for all situations and earns double bonus points in weather best described as inclement.

i especially like how you titled it “001”.

as if you expect there to be less than a thousand tips on how to achieve harmony… 🙂


Funny … mine won’t get out (unless its raining / windy and it’ll mess up her hair), and as far as upgrades go, she’d rather I sit in the back with her and give the upgrade to someone else.

what’s a guy to do?


We never get to the airport early enough to do anything but park and hightail to the gate. I guess that could be another tip – get to the airport early enough to be able to let wife out at the entrance because she does seem to get upset when this occurs.

LIH Prem

doesn’t work .. I used to do it and I’m now very happily re-singled.

But I like it that you’re trying. And so will your followers. 🙂

Tip #2. If you are upgraded and the wife isn’t, the wife always gets the upgrade.