Why Does US Bank Keep Marketing on Fraud Prevention?

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While on the subject of dysfunctional US Bank, here’s one that perplexes me.

Ever since the Target hack in which many US Bank accounts were impacted, US Bank has bombarded me with marketing emails about their fraud prevention. At least 90% of what I get from them on Club Carlson and FlexPerks cards is on this theme:

Club Carlson Fraud Prevention

Why should I care? Fraud is not my issue to deal with unless I am committing it. If an account is hacked I call in and they deal with the rest. Are there any customers in which this marketing message resonates? US Bank must think this will increase customer card usage or wouldn’t be sending out emails.

Of all the possible emails they can send me about the cards, from promotional offers to card benefits, this is conceivably the least appealing to me and does not give me any sense that US Bank is differentiated from its competitors.

Indeed, it only reminds me to not use my cards in NY where I cross the river to work from NJ because they, to this day, still block large purchases on such ‘travel.’ They have no ability to unfreeze a card by app, website, text message, automated phone system. Wait times for agents are the longest I experience for credit cards. They have succeeded in getting me to not use their cards and constantly remind me of it!

Readers, marketers, weigh in: is this effective marketing, and to who?

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