Update on the US Dank Club Clusterson Anniversary Certs

My battle for the US Bank Club Carlson Visa anniversary certs continues.

I earlier wrote Has Anyone Received Their US Bank Club Carlson $10k Spend Annual Certs and a few had. We are the guinea pigs, those who got the card immediately upon launch and so had our anniversary under the new card terms fall in late 2015.

To recap, since people at US Bank and Club Carlson are not entirely familiar, these are not the global certs for complaining about the credit card benefit changes. These are a new benefit of a US cert for $10k annual spend.

I wound my way through various channels of contact to US Bank and Club Carlson, each was adamant I should contact the other. An example:

US Bank email

What I found in this process is that Club Carlson is unable and unwilling to do anything, while the only people at US Bank willing to do anything are in the President’s Office, to which complaints eventually get escalated.

I received a call from a President’s Office representative who informed me that I had not met the spend requirement on either card. I asked her to actually total my charges, and she agreed to call me back in 20 minutes. She did, and confirmed that, yes, I had made the required spend, and that the system total was in error showing me several thousand short.

She did confirm that all charges from annual fee charge date to annual fee charge date qualify. Not statement date. Not calendar year. She had on record that I had confirmed this with a supervisor last year, so at least they have decent recordkeeping.

We thought maybe the missing charges were December 2015 between annual fee and year-end. Maybe they did not program for 2015.

She got in touch with the department that runs the numbers and the answer turned out to be the macro rejecting multiple same-day transactions at ‘a certain retailer.’ It seems the macro only picked up one transaction per retailer per day. They are working on a fix.

Now I am due to get the certs, however the wrinkle is they supposedly cannot manually push them so they will go in the next batch, which like other US Bank bonuses will be the statement after the next statement. Since I do not have an immediate need for the certs, this will give me a farther out expiration date, so I did not complain further.

There you have it. If you are missing the certs, do this:

  1. Check for multiple same-day same-retailer transactions as the possible culprit.
  2. Call US Bank and ask for immediate escalation to the Presidents Office. If not, at least get a supervisor.
  3. Persist!

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  • William

    I hope US Bank and Club Carlson consider a re-boot of their Visa cards. My Club Carlson Premier Visa was one of my three go-to credit cards for daily spend, always in my wallet. No longer. Spending $10K doesn’t even yield a single night where I would stay, because they cost 70,000 points. Club Carlson’s best hotels — which might be likened to fully-loaded family sedans, not luxury sedans — are overseas, where the $10k Free Night Cert does not work. They frequently offer pleas that if I register (a pain, but okay, I’ll do it), they will let me earn an extra 1 point per dollar (for a total of 6 points) if I meet a minimum spend. It’s just not enough. Other credit cards, where I can earn 2 and 3 airline miles per dollar spent (even earning 5 Hilton points at supermarkets) are more rewarding. So my daily spend is applied with other credit cards. Here’s my suggestion. Recognize Club Carlson points were severely devalued. Boost daily spend from 5 points per dollar to 6 points. Offer rewards in progressive tiers: $5K annual spend gets 30,000 bonus points; $10K annual spend gets another 40,000 bonus points, for a total of 70,000 bonus points. Premier cardholders would still receive an anniversary bonus of 40,000 points, if they pay the annual card fee. This card would once again compete with Citi’s Hilton Reserve Visa card, which provides a free weekend night (good anywhere in the world, including many luxury hotels) after $10K spend.

  • yy

    If they can remove the is only limit on the free cert.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @William – all good points. I did most of that spend pre-devaluation and won’t do it again. My US use-case is Radisson Blu Mall of America when I visit my parents. Otherwise, slim pickings in US, Chicago excepted.

  • Dave Shen

    Dank memes man, spell check title.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Dave Shen – title was intentional.

  • bluecat

    If the title is intentional but not obvious, it’s kind of an obscure joke, no? Even Google couldn’t help out on this one….

    Joke fail.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @bluecat – just wordplay.

  • DWT

    With the US property-only restriction on these certificates, I don’t think going forward it’s worth the $10k spend to get them. Carlson just keeps losing city center properties in the US, which for most would be the preferred place to use certificates. We lost the Radisson SF (Fisherman’s Wharf) in the past year or so, and the Radisson Blu in Philadelphia just left over the past few weeks.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @DWT – I was unaware of the SF loss, yikes.

  • DaninMCI

    I can’t imagine spending $10k on this card unless I was forced to stay at Club Carlson properties for work reasons and put that on the card. If I did feel there was value in doing this otherwise I would be really offended to find out the cert didn’t post and then even more insulted to find out I could only use them in the USA. Weird.

  • JamaicanReefer

    My data are brighter: Card opened Sep 14. Less than a year later called a few times inquiring why the ecert was not issued for me as well. Received 10k in points and received the ecert (booked Dubai) around Aug 15. Received 40k points at anniversary. Nov 14 out of the blue received a second ecert (booked Madrid). Feb 16 received a third ecert. This time, the wording is that there was a miscalculation and that I’m receiving an ecert for $10k spent. I did the spent in 2015 but did not pay attention because I received the second ecert. This third ecert can only be used in the US which sucks a little. I’m finishing 10k spent and will pay at the anniversary. I will use my current large amount of these points mostly for the 9k and 15k hotels in India. Next year, the card may go to the no annual version depending how things evolve.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @JamaicanReefer – glad someone is making out well! That US cert is the one I am having trouble getting, the prior global I got one, now I want two!