Where to Go on Delta’s Latin America and Caribbean Award Sale? Some Ideas

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I just posted about a rare moment where Delta flyers can, briefly, feel like they are on American or United with reasonable award pricing.

I have been to most of the destinations in the sale in the past couple years, so some quick thoughts:

    • Belize City, Belize: the city itself is to be avoided, the islands are ok, you can snorkel with nurse sharks, the bigger highlights are inland with eco-resorts, Mennonite communities and Mayan ruins, see my Belize and Tikal in Three Days.

Belize Guatemala 005

    • Managua, Nicaragua: my favorite of the Central American contries, you get all the usual natural and colonial stuff, plus volcanoes galore, see my posts on Nicaragua, including volcano boarding, roadside quesillo and hiring a road navigator.

Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua 186

    • San Salvador, El Salvador: the city is best skirted, the coast has tremendous surfing, and heading up to Honduras there are great small towns like Suchitoto in this little-touristed country, see my El Salvador & Honduras Weekend parts 1 & 2, and a focus on the ‘Pompeii of the Americas,’ Joya de Ceren.

El Salvador Honduras 015

    • San Pedro Sula, Honduras: set a beeline for Mayan Copan.

El Salvador Honduras 027

    • Santiago, Chile: stroll the quiet city while enjoying a cherimoya, then use your Avios on LAN to explore the otherwise quite expensive country.

Chile Argentina 020

    • St. Kitts, Nevis: never been.
    • Tegucigalpa, Honduras: never been, for the major attractions of Honduras, San Pedro Sula is a better option.
    • Bermuda: visited pre-blog for Christmas, great discounts off-season, in a freezing cold, rainy place, complimentary afternoon tea at the Fairmount Southampton is superb, great dining where every special is the rock fish, summer is a better bet just avoid major cruise ship landings.
    • Monterray, Mexico: have not been but have enjoyed everywhere I have visited in Mexico.
    • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: fun in the sun.
    • San Jose, Costa Rica: another to bypass the city and get out to the countryside, especially when a bridge collapses.

San Jose Costa Rica Traffic

Haiti Weekend 030

Dominican Republic 118

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: I need to go sometime!
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic: close access to eco and adventure tourism in DR’s north.
  • Nassau, Bahamas: someday I will take a cruise that will stop in Bahamas, so I am in no rush to fly down. Haven’t heard much positive about Nassau.
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9 years ago

Nassau is a pit.

San Juan shines.

Of note is a two day river voyage — a poor man’s Amazon — that can be made in Nicaragua from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean. The Nicaraguans have signed an agreement with the Chinese to build an alternate to the Panama Canal which will probably use this route and then involve a canal around San Juan del Sur. Even if they start clearing land for this project it will destroy the river, so get there soon!

9 years ago

St. Kitts – monkeys, a bit of Jeffersonian history and a train.

9 years ago

I love the format of this post. Please keep this in mind for other regions; ie, SE Asia, Western Europe, etc. I love the concise descriptions of each country and their highlights.

BTW, which Latin American country has the best food? My husband and I were discussing this the other day,and we both unanimously agreed on Mexico.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  guera

@guera – my vote to Mexico as well, I am no big fan of what I call the ‘rice and beans’ countries food-wise, next one with variety, especially good fruits, is Peru.

Jane S.
Jane S.
9 years ago

Loved Antigua, Guatamala. We flew there from IAD on TACA into San Salvadore and then connected to Guatamala City where our driver met us and drove us to Antigua.

Unleash Life
9 years ago

Agree with Mike. Of all the Caribbean options, Bahamas is far overrated, and you pay American prices as well.

Of all the Caribbean places I’ve been thus far, Curacao and St. Maarten are my top. Puerto Rico is also a lot of fun and diverse in landscape, plus your US phone works there. 🙂

Pamela T
Pamela T
9 years ago

Another great post.

9 years ago

Bahamas is very over rated