What Makes a Worst Flight for You? Nominees, Please!

This morning I wrote about my overnight AF775, nominated at Air France’s worst flight.

A physically taxing route where Air France does nothing to accommodate passengers.

AF775 07

What makes a worst flight for you?

I don’t mean a specific incident such as a delay, I mean things intrinsic to the flight time after time.

An example is long US mainland-Hawaii flights that do not even have snack service, let alone meal service. Airlines, for heaven’s sake, just give the kiddies an apple or some cookies.

Some factors to start your brainstorm, in no particular order:

  1. Inconvenient schedule times
  2. Atrocious on-time performance
  3. Substandard aircraft/hard product
  4. Substandard in-flight service offering
  5. Terrible airports/poor ground staff
  6. Onerous layovers/technical stops/transit experience

Readers, weigh in, what makes a worst flight and what is your nominee?

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Two biggies for me are substandard seat and/or aircraft and substandard choices on-board such as food


Anything on Southwest! Bad on time performance, bad connection options even if you live in a city well served by them, always lots of crying babies, inability to guarantee yourself an aisle or window (even if you pay for early bird check-in), old planes that are loud and plagued by maintenance problems… I’m sure there’s more.


Any United flight, in any class of service, where service with apathy and stink eyes are always guaranteed.


Very short redeyes can be pretty brutal.


@Snoptro I was thinking the exact same thing.

I’ll meet the United comment and raise it with:

Any flight on Spirit airlines.


United, GUM-HNL and then HNL-IAH, no meals, one beverage service, and of course the senior/snarly FA’s.