What Do You Want in a FTU Hotels Talk?

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Hotels have fallen by the wayside in the miles and points hobby, annual Amex SPG bonus hyping aside. It has been some time since there has been a hotels talk at Frequent Traveler University, whereas a few years ago there were breakouts on the major hotel chains.

This coming Frequent Traveler University Advanced Dallas, September 25-27, I am shaking things up and putting together a talk titled “Everything but Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood.”

There are myriad options for accommodation, from smaller chains to B&Bs to Airbnb that are changing how we sleep on the road.

What would you like to hear? What should attendees learn? Ideas welcome.

(Note: FTUA Dallas is sold out, though there are usually last minute cancellations. Should you want to attend, contact the organizers on the FTU website.)

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6 years ago

Both of your presentations that I attended this weekend at FTUDallas were really good. Really appreciated your presentation on Hotels Beyond the Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood. I enjoy those 3 when traveling domestically. However, internationally I am like you and prefer to stay in places with a local flavor. Since traveling with our children, we do Airbnb a lot overseas because it gives them a chance to play with local children. Great stuff this weekend. Glad to read that you will be posting your presentation online. Especially the Saturday morning one that had so much meat to it.

Clare N
Clare N
6 years ago

How about devoting several blog posts to this topic? I travel by car frequently and hotels are always a concern.

6 years ago

I’ll be there this weekend. Looking forward to this breakout.

I’m happy to hear about any ideas beyond Hilton, Hyatt and SPG…. Marriott.
I’ve used TYPs, Hotels.com w Cap One or Arrival reimbursement, Chase URs, Club Carlson, IHG & Best Western.

A couple of years ago, we rented a short-term furnished apartment for a month in Kyoto, even though we were only there for 2 weeks. It was cheaper than a hotel room.

I haven’t tried AirBnb. We have been Couchsurfing hosts, but not surfers. When our crazy dogs are no longer an issue, I would love to house-swap.

6 years ago

I won’t be attending the FTUA, but I’m hoping you’ll post your slideshow like you usually do after the event.

I’m glad that you’ll be covering something other than the big chains. I have hotel points that I have to struggle to find uses for because the places that I travel don’t have a lot of chain hotels.

Maybe cover highest and best uses of OTA’s to book hotels?

6 years ago

How do you book “smaller chains to B&Bs to Airbnb” through your corporate travel agent?