Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow Revivals Lounge Access for Delta Elites

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What I thought was a simple question elicited various responses: do Delta Diamond and Platinum Medallions get access to the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge upon arrival at London Heathrow Terminal 3?

Delta’s extensive FAQ on the Virgin Atlantic partnership spells out in great detail access lounge by lounge, though is silent on Revivals.

Virgin’s pages on the partnership imply access as part of granting Upper Class Experience, though are not explicit. I tweeted Virgin Atlantic and got a squirrely reply:

Online reports are scarce and contradictory. This is all complicated by the recent terminal shake-up where a portion of Delta flights now operate out of Terminal 3, others stay at Terminal 4, and Delta has opened its own arrivals lounge at Terminal 3.

I arrived this morning to sunny Heathrow and headed to Revivals after a lengthy chat with a Sikh UK Border Guard about my travels and my visit to Amritsar and its Golden Temple.

I was welcomed in to Revivals without hesitation. For research purposes I asked the reception agent to be explicit on lounge access for Delta elites.

Yes, it is Diamonds and Platinums only.

Yes, can be flying economy.

Yes, can fly in on Virgin Atlantic or Delta (the menu says complimentary spa treatments apply only to those flying Virgin Atlantic, I did not want to call attention to it in case that caused attention and enforcement for later travelers).

There was a catch, “Since Delta has opened its own arrivals lounge, of course they prefer their customers to go there, however if you come here and we are not too busy, we will not turn you away.”

Plenty of wiggle room there.

Next question: when connecting to a SkyTeam flight  in T4, is it worth going through arrivals just to access Revivals? I am in process and will update that next.

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6 years ago

it is not a good idea to change terminals at LHR. The procedure is a big hassle and too much walking. Some of them even including the second security and UK border check points. Did you have log chatting with UK border officer or the officer asked you many questions to allow you enter UK? You know British in general are not as chatty as American….if you make it to Revival lounge, make sure you come in the morning or you probably never get massage. The tea and English breakfast are very good. How is Delta’s arrival lounge at LHR?

6 years ago

What are the main differences between the Delta and VS arrivals lounge in LHR T3?

6 years ago

Wow. When I was there in June, I presented my Platinum card. The friendly agent said in sorry I’m afraid is only business and Diamonds.