Upcoming Video Interviews for the Week of June 28 2020

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Over at my Facebook group Every Passport Stamp, I am hosting weekday video interviews during COVID-19 self-isolation.

Yes, you need to use Facebook and be a group member to participate. This format allows our community members to interact with the guests via chat and sometimes pop in on camera!

EPS Self-Isolation Video Interviews

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday and Wednesday at 9 pm US Eastern
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm US Eastern

Schedule for the Week of June 28, 2020:

  • Mon 6/29 at 9 pm EDT: Michael Novins how to independently encounter ten unusual animals – eight living, one extinct and one in between, including two insects, two marine mammals, two primates, a bird, a reptile, as well as an extinct mammal and a mammal being brought back from extinction.
  • Tue 6/3 0at 3 pm EDT: postponded
  • Wed 7/1 at 9 pm EDT: Dr. Thomas Muller of the Know Your Earth Travel Challenge
  • Thu 7/2 at 3 pm EDT: Claire Sturzaker of Travels of a Backpacker

Prior Videos:

Note: must be an Every Passport Stamp member for the links to work. Coming soon: YouTube!

Join us each weekday evening till we’re free to travel!

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