Watch the NomadMania Travel Awards 2021 on 11/28/21 at 10:30 am EST

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The inaugural NomadMania Travel Awards will livestream on Sunday, November 28, 2021, starting at 10:30 am EST. Watch the show here.

NomadMania Travel Awards 2021

‘The Travel Awards with the Biggest Travellers’, NomadMania has brought its worldwide scope of extreme/systematic/adventure travel to recognizing a diverse group of travelers.  I have played a small part in the nominations and voting process, and also will represent my Facebook group, Every Passport Stamp, on a panel.

I have seen the amount of thought and work NomadMania founder Harry Mitsidis and his team has put into the awards, drawing from the broader work NomadMania does to connect and document remarkable travelers.

Awards include Most Positive Traveller, Most Purposeful Traveller, ‘Against All Odds’ Traveller, and more. The theme is to be fun and optimistic.

The program will be a rapid-fire series of awards and themed panels:

  • Event 1. 10 Women who have visited 193 UN countries chat
  • Event 2. On the road to 193 – chat with big travellers
  • Event 3. Special Guest
  • Event 4. Men who have visited 193 UN countries chat
  • Event 5. A chat with Afghan fixers who fled after the crisis
  • Event 6. Travel Clubs chat
  • Event 7. NomadMania Team

Learn more about the awards and meet the personalities here.

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