US CBP to study land border crossing fee to Canada and Mexico

Rep. Brian Higgins of NY found this little pill in the proposed budget for the US Department of Homeland Security:

SEC. 544. (a) The Commissioner of the United States Customs and Border Protection shall:

(1) conduct a study assessing the feasibility and cost relating to establishing and collecting a land border crossing fee for both land border pedestrians and passenger vehicles along the northern and southwest borders of the United States; the study should include:

(A) the feasibility of collecting from existing operators on the land border such as bridge commissions, toll operators, commercial passenger bus, and commercial passenger rail;

(B) requirements to collect at land ports of entry where existing capability is not present; and

(C) any legal and regulatory impediments to establishing and collecting a land border crossing fee; and

(2) complete the study within 9 months of enactment of this Act.

News outlets in Canada lit up with the news that a land border crossing fee may be in the works. CBC’s As It Happens interviewed Rep Higgins, listen here.  Canada’s Global News has a summary article.

Politicians on both sides of the border are vowing to fight any fee as a potential impact to trade. The DHS is apparently arguining that this would be analogous to the fee changed for air arrivals.

(and yes, I do follow Canadian news!)

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So let’s say a US citizen is flat broke. Can’t legally deny a citizen entry to his own country just because of inability (or refusal?) to pay that fee.


Arizona, no but can.take their identity and invoice them and make them bankrupt if they refuse to pay, then imprison them next time they cross a border if they refuse still owe money

Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog

What are you favorite Canadian new sources?


Only choices really;
left leaning: CBC TV and radio(like PBS NPR with commericals – subsidized by government), Globe and Mail newspaper
more center leaning: CTV (private), National Post newspaper


It’s coming – the US is broke. You guys will start to see pay as you go fees everywhere over the next ten years.


[…] US CBP to study land border crossing fee to Canada and Mexico […]