US Bank Club Carlson Visa Credit Increase & 250 Point Bonus (Targeted)

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My friend has a US Bank Club Carlson Visa that she uses for 5 $200 charges a month. She has had the card since it launched in December 2012 and has no other US Bank accounts.

Today she was emailed an offer to increase credit from $10,000 to $14,000 along with a 250 point bonus. The offer expires October 31, 2014. The website is available at Alternately you can call 866-659-6801.

US Bank Club Carlson Credit Increase 01

The FAQs says there will be no credit inquiry:

US Bank Club Carlson Credit Increase 02

The website requires last 4 of SSN, last 4 of card number and zip code. For her the bonus offer is displayed.

US Bank Club Carlson Credit Increase 04

For me there is an error and I can’t even request a credit increase. For reference, I have both personal and business versions of US Bank’s Club Carlson and FlexPerks Travel Rewards cards.

US Bank Club Carlson Credit Increase 03

Why might this matter? Big spenders, such as those cycling charity on the personal FlexPerks Travel Rewards, may like an extra amount of credit. Also, there is much unknown about how US Bank makes its credit decisions, however having some extra credit to reallocate may help with future applications. (Freezing your IDA/ARS reports is a good idea, too.)

Readers, have you gotten or had success with this offer?

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[…] Travel Chai posted US Bank Club Carlson Visa Credit Increase & 250 Point Bonus (Targeted) (link).  For some US Bank customers, you can request a credit line increase (no credit check) and […]

8 years ago

@Carl, no email or letter. They normally send me targeted offers via the mail, but I haven’t gotten this offer yet.

Carl P
Carl P
8 years ago

Grant – My offer was for FlexPoints (personal card). I did NOT get anything on my Club Carlson card. Did you get an email from them (targeted?).

8 years ago

Nice post and very informative. US bank is rather odd. I like how they offer such a “huge” 250 point bonus. What is this worth, like $2 ?

8 years ago

Thanks for the heads-up, but this did not work on my Club Carlson personal, Club Carlson business, or FlexPerks personal cards 🙁

Carl P
Carl P
8 years ago

I got the offer, but for 500 points. I hadn’t read all the details yet as was wondering about the credit inquiry aspect. Increase of line from $14,000 to $18,500 proposed.