Delta Gave Me 2,000 Miles for Not Flying: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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Last week I flew United and it is Delta miles that have posted first.

I was stunned to get from Newark-Chicago Friday morning only delayed half an hour despite the air traffic control disruption in Chicago. Even more stunned coming back to have my first one-time domestic United flight of the year.

Today, into my inbox, Delta offered 2,000 miles for recent flight disruptions. I haven’t been on Delta metal this month. Classy gesture. I did double-check there wasn’t some fine print waiving compensation for delays. No fine print and all above board.

Delta Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining 02

Delta Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining 01

Reminds me of some surprises they have done in the past like extra miles for being in a middle seat, or waiving cancellation fees I have heard reported from others.

Delta clearly likes my wife better, she got 5,000 and hasn’t flown them since July. She is a Platinum, I am a Diamond.

Readers, did you receive an “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining?” Any different offers?

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Mike from Berlin
Mike from Berlin
8 years ago

That’s the difference between customer Service in the U.S. and in Europe: Air France has just sent me an email pleading for understanding for their strike action that I actually WAS affected by. No miles, no nothing… Oh, and they forgot to unload my baggage on the way home, too…