US Bank business card online management – beware the $0 balance

My first US Bank experiment is getting both the personal and business versions of the Club Carlson credit cards. I already reported success on receiving both bonuses, though the business card was assigned a new Club Carlson account in my name by the US Bank system, even though I provided my Club Carlson number.

When I set up my online account access I saw both my personal and business cards listed. A funny thing was that my spend on the business card decreased available credit but the balance always stayed at $0.

When the first statement came, same thing, both online and on the PDF statement. I thought at first this was a fluke because the statement cycled while my account was on security freeze, I had not noticed because US Bank oddly only called my home number which I do not check and nothing else.

US Bank business account 3

I called the  line for the business card  and the automated system correctly said I had a payment due. I spoke to an agent who told me that this was normal in a personal online account and that I needed to set up a separate login as a business. She explained that each business card has a Central Billing Account which can only display in a business online account. Individual cards from the Central Billing Account turn up in personal accounts by social security number but are misleading. None of this was explained in materials sent with the card.

I proceeded to set up a business online account and the correct billing information and PDF statement were all there.

US Bank business account 4

I wrote to US Bank by secure message asking for the misleading business card information to be removed from my personal account, the response:

We have received your request to remove your individual business card from your Internet Banking profile, Stefan. All of the accounts listed in your Internet Banking profile are listed under your Social Security Number. Therefore, as your Social Security Number is listed on your individual business account, we are unable to remove this account from your Internet Banking profile. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Best practice: when you get both personal and business credit cards from US Bank, register separate personal and business online accounts; only trust the business online account for information on the business card.

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The UsAir Barclays cards also have separate and uncombinable logins for the biz and personal cards – though there are no misleading balance reports on the personal. Scary.

data point: I forgot to pay the USAir Barclays biz card for 65 days (I forgot about the separate login) on the phone, the rep said they did not report a lateness to credit bureaus unless an account was over 90 days late.


I got hit with a 99$ fee, a late fee and an interest charge because of this! It is really weird. THey have still not taken off my late fee

frequent churner

My balance shows up accurately. But I also had a new Club Carlson account created for me for the biz card.


I was confused as well when I set up my business account online. I kept looking at the individual card account and like yours, it said $0 balance. Finally, I realized that the balance only showed up in the central business account, and you can only pay off the card from your central account. It’s a bit confusing.


Very confusing to me too. $0 balance on my personal login. Registered business card and found 2 accounts, “central” account and the business card account.


Glad I found this topic covered. I was wondering WTF was going on with my Biz card never showing a balance. Until reading this post, never realized that USBank would have such a crazy system set up where you can see activity, but not the balance on your personal login.

Set up Biz login, but geez, you’d think they’d give a heads up when getting a biz card.