Uruguay in 22 hours (part 1): rocks and watchful cattle at Sierras de Mahoma

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Uruguay was just supposed to be an 8-hour layover, a quick dip into Montevideo, then on to Paraguay. But Pluna’s cancellation a couple weeks ago of the Saturday night flight to Asuncion left me scrambling to further compress Paraguay and expand Uruguay.

Beaches are not my thing, sand is sand as far as I am concerned, and it is winter anyway. The Bradt Uruguay guide had a small entry for Sierras de Mahoma, a moonscape of unusual rock formations, while Lonely Planet gave the whole region between Montevideo and Colonia de Sacramento a pass. Under a 2-hour drive from Montevideo west on the way to Colonia (2 hours if, like me, you get lost on the tangle of poorly marked roads out of Montevideo), it was perfect for a hike, and the attached ranch and vineyard, Finca Piedra, a delightful refuge.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 009

Ranches dot the rolling Uruguayan landscape

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 013

The Sierras de Mahoma

The Sierras has several discretely marked trails to avoid the bogs, though beware the vicious, clothes-shredding flora. On this cool, overcast fall day the only other interlopers were cows and their prodigious, grass-fed output.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 020

These plants have claim many a fabric victim

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 014

Grass-fed cattle certainly are productive

Sunset encroached on the afternoon too fast and time for a rest at the ranch…well, no, instead a madcap 150 km dash to Colonia to sample a chivito sandwich at the UNESCO-listed colonial town, and try to be back in time for dinner.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 012


Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 026

Cattle on watch

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 034

A moment to bask in the setting sun

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[…] very chill place, much like Argentina with more reasonable prices. See my Uruguay in 22 Hours parts 1, 2, 3 and […]

10 years ago

off the beaten path! love it!

Rodger Bailey
10 years ago

Finca Piedra is a jewel of an Uruguayan “Dude Ranch” witha French touch. Great food on-season and off-season (off-season guests eat in the kitchen at a massive table while the cook works her magic around them). It is only an hour and a quarter from Montevideo (if you don’t get lost in the drive). A short horseback or car ride away is the sea of stone (Sierras de Mahoma) formation. Great photos BTW. My wife and I prefer the off-season atmosphere of Finca Piedra, and have enjoyed great conversations with the young couple who manage it. She is from France… Read more »

10 years ago

Love this! Little old Uruguay doesn’t get much coverage, outside of a bit on Montevideo, Punta, and Colonia, if that. And that Brandt Guide is the only English-language guide extant dedicated to the wonderful Oriental Republic. Better watch out though – 22 hours can be enough to get you hooked on this great country. Heck, 6 years ago my wife and I did 8 hours in Colonia as the classic Buequebus ferry sidetrip from Buenos Aires, and that was enough to make us decide to consider living there. Last year we kicked around the idea in February (“hey, remember how… Read more »