TSA PreCheck Updates: Virgin America, PHL Expansion, and International is Working

I have hardly been in the US lately and did not notice the TSA’s Press Releases RSS feed stopped working last fall, so here’s a quick roundup of PreCheck developments:

  • Virgin America has become the 6th participating airline, eligible to members of CBP Trusted Traveler Programs though not yet Elevate members, they are live at 11 airports, see full details and instructions here.
  • Philadelphia (PHL) has expanded to Terminal D/E checkpoint serving Alaska, Delta, United and Virgin America, in addition to existing Checkpoint C for Terminals B/C used by United and US Airways.
  • Select international itineraries” became eligible for PreCheck on May 7, specific details have not been disclosed. I did a little jump and heel click when I got PreCheck departing JFK Terminal 4 on Delta bound for Tokyo-Narita (NRT) on Monday. And unlike the old Terminal 3, water wasn’t even dripping from the ceiling.
  • BUT: the operating hours for the various checkpoints are not published and often limited. I have been disappointed many times.

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[…] Rapid Travel Chai writes about some expansions to the TSA PreCheck program, including new participation by Virgin America and the Philadelphia airport. Also, it appears that PreCheck is now working on some international itineraries. Cool. […]