SPG Open More Game – Daily Instant Win Entries to September 12

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Starwood’s next stay promotion, More for You, opens for registration on September 12 and runs to December 18, 2016. It is for a relatively weak double points on weekdays and triple points on weekends, both requiring stays of stays of two or more nights.

SPG Open More

Until then we have a quick draw game called Open More for daily entries per SPG account. Enter your SPG number and pick a card. Enter daily here.

Game closes September 12 at 11 am EDT so do your last one in the morning that day.

Entries for multiple SPG accounts per computer require private browser sessions or clearing cookies. On our first plays, I was presented an Element card and my wife a St. Regis card so they know who they are dealing with.

The instant win prizes are: 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 points or 1 free night. Each person is limited to one instant win prize during the game, so further entries will only add to the grand prize draw.

All entries go to a final draw for a grand prize of 5 free nights and 50,000 points.

My take: I enjoy these kind of games and daily entry is quick. Why not play?

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Emile Quek
Emile Quek
6 years ago

Tried with 4 family accounts these 2 days and got nothing… Anyone won anything yet?