Singing Sons of Beaches, hotel cards for regular people, and mile collector hilarity

Summer vacations will soon end but Labor Day will be a last blitz of infrequent travelers getting entangled in airport security theater. Prior to flying, put on a happy face with this video from the Singing Sons of Beaches produced by Montana’s Glacier Park International Airport (see article from Budget Travel):

The Rapid Traveler also loves when the experts speak to regular people, not just high earners and high spenders, or those business travelers who can charge their business expenses to their own credit cards. Ric Garrido at Loyalty Traveler, the expert on hotel loyalty programs, has a great post on hotel credit cards for $3,000 and $5,000 annual spend. Ric says, “I see $30,000 on a credit card and think that might happen in five to eight years with my spend pattern.” The industry darling Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card comes out less well than the gushing praise it receives when annual spends in the neighborhood of $30,000 are considered.

And for the hilarious extremes mile collector take their hobby, see ‘A Note about Not Receivng 83,000 Miles for a Pair of Headphones‘ by Jared at Online Travel Review and the 178-page (and growing) thread at FlyerTalk.

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