Should I Travel With a Shower Puff?

This morning a Sheraton shower puff ‘Just Add Shower Gel,’ looked me in the face.

(For those about to nitpick comment, yes, this hotel also provides the standard soap bars. Also, those about to be snarky on the triviality of the post, my answer is the small things can be fun, too, lighten up.)

Sheraton Shower Puff

With the increasing number of hotels, particularly in Europe, that only provide dispensers, is it time I pack a shower puff?

My wife carries one and getting it dry is not easy. She carries small plastic bags.

I try to carry an extra bar of soap though often forget and taking wet soap with is a minor chore as well.

I haven’t figured out how the dispenser only places expect it to work. The main options seem:

  • Burden on guest to bring a shower puff;
  • Guest soaks a washcloth, using a lot of shower gel;
  • Guest wastes a huge amount of shower gel by using hands.

Is it time to pack a man puff?

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bwahahahahaha, nice post! cracks me up!


I shower at home every day with both a washcloth AND a shower puff.

I don’t usually travel with my shower puff. I would just put the gel on the washcloth.

Rich T

Isn’t the term Man Puff an oxymoron?


LOL @ “manpuff”…. but lets loose that term quickly, if we can. Like yourself, I tend to keep a small bar or two on me at all times, as well as ziplocks for repositioning. But I think we all know several chains where dispensers are the norm and in those instances a travel puff sounds like the way to go. Wastefulness is everyone’s problem.

I guess I don’t see the difficulty of the shower gel plus washcloth combo. Squirt a bit on and rub the washcloth together to distribute. Still, a puff does work better, as long as it’s big enough. If it is too small, then the washcloth is better anyway. But, hey, whatever works best for you. I like the idea of drying it with a hairdryer, but I question whether it’s possible to do that without burning your hand. The best way I’ve found to dry them is to swing it around by the string (being careful not to direct it… Read more »

I try to understand why do you need a show puff for soap dispenser only?


When a dispenser is only option, I just deal with wastefulness of showering by hand. Their problem, not mine.


Yes, take a man puff, very useful. Dry it with the hair dryer?


Not quite sure how to address this “man puff,” as I’m struggling to find a constructive comment to leave…my advice is leave the “man puff” out of your bag.