1,050 Free US Bank FlexPoints and Spring Targeted Spend Offers

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I received a mailing of new promos from US Bank FlexPerks. They have re-launched the flexperkspromos.usbank.com site and want cardholders to visit.

The following offers should be available to all cardholders:

  • Visit the new flexperkspromos.usbank.com site and receive 250 points (there is no confirmation of this on the site, only my paper mailing)
  • On the site, go to the promo for Nucleas and watch the video for 300 points (this offer is listed, however no confirmation after watching the video, we have been here before with US Bank). There is an additionl 5,000 if you sign up with Nucleus.
  • If you haven’t previously done so, go to the Benefits tab and click on ‘Instantly redeem FlexPoints for almost any purchase,’ which offers 500 points for enrolling in Real-Time Rewards

I also received a targeted spend offer for March 1 – April 30. Based on prior history, these offers vary widely by cardholder. Mine is ‘For every net dollar you spend over $800, you’ll earn 3 bonus FlexPoints, up to a maximum of 3,500 bonus FlexPoints.’

US Bank FlexPoints Spring 2016 Offer

The big problem with US Bank promos is when they say points take 8-10 weeks to post, they aren’t joking. Expect at least 2 statements to close before you get points, so set a calendar reminder. Similar slothful processing of award ticket airline $25 credits.

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