Shanghai Travel Meetup Thu 7/16

Updated with venue details:

Thursday, July 16 at 7 pm
El Coctel
2/F, 47 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu
永福路47号, 近复兴西路
6433 6511

How many travel hackers are there in Shanghai? I have no idea.

I’ve had a schedule change this week and on my many trips here have never tried to put together a meetup. Fortunately, last minute is the way of things in China.

If you are in Shanghai and interested to get together Thu, July 16, please leave a comment with an email in the email field or write me at stefan -at-, along with your vote: Puxi or Pudong?

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I live in Shanghai during the summer, Puxi and pudong doesn’t really matter to me although Puxi works better for me since I live in Puxi.
P.s. Thanks the info from Pablo


I’m an expat in SH and would love to come as well but am booked on Thursday night. But would suggest el Coctel or Logan’s Punch for good mixed drinks and cocktails. Or there is obviously Yongkang Lu for quick beers.

Sarah C

Me! I’m in Puxi (live in Jing’An and work in People’s Square)! Looking forward to the meet-up!


Vote for Puxi as well! I originally planned my travel to Shanghai on Friday, but if the meetup plan is set, i am willing to change my flight to attend! Also, if you have a wechat account, please email it to us!

Ken Y.

I’m in SH. Savekenny on FT. Vote for Puxi – Yongkang Lu has tons of bars.