Chai Digest: Expats, Corrupt Officials Paving Roads, Guns and more

Big backlog at Chai Digest so I am battling the Chinese ‘Great Firewall’ to get this out.

Quote of the week from the FT’s Lucy Kellaway in Should I plot the downfall of our dean?:

Most of the academics I’ve ever come across find long running feuds and resentments are vital for their wellbeing as they provide them with a sense of purpose and emotional charge that is often sadly lacking in the day job.



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Rich T

Thanks again for these Digest Posts – I was able to snag the full Lonely Planet PDF for New Zealand. Always interesting stuff you come across.


Re: the quote of the day. I daresay that this applies to any workplace that I have been involved in, both academic and nonacademic.

Thanks Reuters Travel Chai (RTC) still remembering your readers and tried so hard to publish this issue behind the wall . I absolutely love the final link of “Second Half of 2015 Travel” as it leads me to a whole new world other than the main stream yet commercial travel blogs. Jason’s North Korea trip 10 years ago was inspiring but also nostalgia ( good old day of Continental air). Sometimes I feel I am reading the first generation of RTC. And what a handsome and tall man who have been traveling more countries than you. Definitely my new crush!