Scientists discover a ‘Tatooine’ 200 light years away; the real one is still in Tunisia

Newly found Kepler 16B boasts two suns in its position in constellation Cygnus. Moisture farmers would have a tough go of it with the icy core wrapped in hydrogen and helium gas. At 200 hundred light years away it is not ideal for a weekend getaway.

But, the real Tatooine is scattered across Tunisia, a short hop across the Med from Europe. Armed with The Star Wars Traveler, The Rapid Traveler did a madcap tour of the film locations last fall. Not the prequel, locations, mind you, only the original ones. GPS-less on the Algerian border, The Rapid Traveler shuffled through the desert like C-3PO (Dune Sea conveniently across the road), and was giddy upon seeing the iconic Lars Homestead location for the twin suns sunset. Impossible to resist hamming it up!

Tunisia is a superlative destination, more in future posts.

Algeria Tunisia Libya 043

Compare the above picture to the third picture here, not too shabby for a shot with no one to help.

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