TravelChancellor: Being World Aware

Travel should not be simply about passing through. Father of Rapid Traveler talks about the importance of a ‘fund of information’ in making sound decisions.  In the past half-year The Rapid Traveler has been to Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Iran and each required careful research and considered judgement about safety and the political situation. Fortunately each trip was a success, and though no amount of research can inoculate against the future, understanding a destination and rigorously determining contingencies gives the traveler a critical advantage. TravelChancellor is a series on resources to build this ‘fund’.

Algeria Tunisia Libya 069

Qasr Al-Haj, Libya in November 2010

Foreign Policy magazine has a superb daily email called Morning Brief that is the best daily snapshot of world events that The Rapid Traveler has found. Free registration is here. Its great value over the major newspapers is its comprehensive look at the globe, including countries that rarely receive mention elsewhere.


(Disclaimer: the only financial relationship The Rapid Traveler has with Foreign Policy is the money he paid for a print subscription. He will not receive any commission or other consideration for this recommendation.)

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