RapidRequest: Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a pointed reminder

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Checking his mailbox this morning, The Rapid Traveler found:

Dear Mr. Rapid Traveler,

Please tell Mrs. Rapid Traveler that you owe her for providing you content and inspiration of the LIRR post.

And please tell her that you still remember the wedding anniversary.

Your fan.

And so launched a delicate diplomatic journey through driving rain to Father of Rapid Traveler’s boyhood stomping grounds of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, lately hipster-ized, for new meatery St. Anselm, sibling to Fette Sau and Spuytin Duyvil (see NY Magazine’s review and info with slideshow). Laggardly service but excellent food.

Williamsburg is also notable for venerable, rough-hewn Peter Luger Steak House, a large Hasidic community and grand views of Manhattan from diminutive Grand Ferry Park. Clash of the Bearded Ones from New York Magazine is a delightful portrait of the community’s struggle over bike lanes.


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