RapidRequest: Two days in Cardiff, Wales

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Reader V.M. writes:

If you found yourself in Cardiff, Wales and had two free days on your hands, what would you do?

BTW, I love corgis.

The Rapid Traveler has not been to Wales, though has previously waded through 700-pages of tongue-gyrating words in A History of Wales by John Davies.

Researching a city for a short trip, The Rapid Traveler typically separates the city into a three-layer concentric circle: city core, city surrounds (30-60 minutes by public transport or car) and day trip (1-3 hours). In two days he spends roughly half a day on the city core and the remainder on a mix of the outer two. This gives an efficient range of experience, rather than getting stuck for two days looking at every museum and church in the core.

Caerphilly castle

Caerphilly Castle, photo by Rob the moment

Cardiff core:

The Cardiff Castle and the National Museum Wales (free) are the big draws. The castle is expensive and probably overrun with tourists so an alternative is to visit some of the castles outside Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay has plenty of middling attractions and a nice Cardiff Bay Trail but not a priority for a short trip.

Family-friendly is a boat trip to Flat Holm Island.

Cardiff surrounds:

Castles and museums a plenty to choose among:



Day trip:

Black mountains Wales Nr Talgarth showing Pen y Fan in the distance.# dailyshoot - mountains

Pen-y-fan, photo by Leshaines123

Readers, what are your Cardiff recommendations?

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10 years ago

Spent some amount of time — can’t remember how much, exactly — in Cardiff with some English friends for a rugby match. Was spectacularly drunk within about 30 minutes of arrival, so can’t help much with things to do (I think there may have been rugby, but I’m not sure). But I can recommend the local beer, which is from the Brains brewery (their slogan: It’s Brains You Want).