Radisson Red Employees are ‘Creatives,’ Should I Find Another Hotel?

I have an overnight transit of Brussels tonight so thought I would try the first Radisson Red as rates are low. I know nothing about the brand concept. Maybe I don’t want to know. I like my hotels to have desks and light switches, not lifestyle spaces and control panels.

(Sidebar: my first time to Brussels. When I previously posted on this visit, I loved that the reader suggestions all involved mussels, beer and chocolate, even though they know I only have the morning!)

I tested the online check-in and got the following confirmation:

Radisson Red Brussels

Transcribing the text:

  1. You are now checked in
  2. State your name and room number to one of our Creatives in the Hi All
  3. The Creative will authorize your credit card and issue your room key

The Creative? Seems almost sacrilegious in its presumption. When I show up at midnight I wonder if my Creative will be awake. Or I’ll get the Creative of the Month? Why do companies insist on preposterous terms when we have employees, staff, clerks, even, if you must, associates. I was at the Sistine Chapel yesterday. That’s more what I think of for The Creative.

Hi All? The lobby?

I hope there are such quaint things as beds and window curtains.

Has anyone stayed there? Is it lifestyle boutique gimmick overload or is there a real hotel underneath?

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Terry M

Hey I was at the Sistine Chapel yesterday, too! How in the heck did we miss each other? 😉


LOL! Creatives… this is just too funny. They’re likely trying to appeal to millenials. For whatever reason, this post reminded me of a video that makes fun of hipsters. This Gen-X’er had a good laugh. Enjoy! http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/if-youre-sick-and-tired-hipstery-maker-culture-watch-hilarious-video-now-169739


That verbiage is over the top ridiculous. Maybe they just misspelled Hi y’all!


Reminds me of Hotel Jen (the rebranded Traders Hotels from Shangri-La), where “Jen” “thanks you for staying with me” on the key card holder and other similar anthropomorphic type things. Way too cringey for me.


All the staff are newly hired, via social media. Very, very junior staff.

Report in dutch: https://www.jumpseat.be/getest-radisson-red-brussels/


I just stayed in Brussels a few nights last week. Was very happy with the Hilton Grand Place. It is a 20 minute train ride from the airport and is steps away from Brussels Central Station. The hotel is also a 5 minute walk from Grand Place and not much further from other tourist attractions.

Carl P

I saw on the news last night that Hilton is doing away with desks. More shared spaces for working.


I suspect total boutique property gimmick. This property is a reflagged Radisson Blu, and I doubt they had a turnover of staff as part of the reflagging… probably just made everyone attend a one hour training session where they extolled the virtues of the new Radisson Red concept.