US Bank Radisson Cards 10k for 10 Purchases – What to Do (and Not) [Targeted]

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US Bank is sending out targeted spend offers for Radisson Rewards credit cards: get 10,000 bonus points for 10 transactions of minimum $10 each for October 5-31, 2018. Registration required.

Radisson Rewards Credit Card October 2018 Spend OfferI got the offer on my personal and business cards and my wife got it on her card, so the offer may be sent to everyone. Look in your email for your registration code.

This is the kind of offer that you can waste a lot of time for a small reward. Find something you can schedule a series of $10 payments. I set up series on our Xfinity internet.

Troubleshooting US Bank

From prior issues with US Bank bonuses posting, try to avoid:

  • A purchase on your day of registration
  • Multiple same-day transactions
  • Multiple weekend transactions (such as Saturday and Sunday, the series I did all skip Sunday)

US Bank bonuses typically post 1-2 statements after the statement that closes after the end of the promotion date. If your statement date is the 15th of the month, look for the points December 15 or January 15.

If you don’t have any transaction activity that month, a statement may not be generated and you may not get the bonus till the next month that you have a transaction.

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4 years ago

Wow, thanks for the warnings. I gather you’ve had problems in the past with what you mentioned.?. We have it on four cards, but with worrying about all that you listed, maybe not worth it.