Then There Were 3: Radisson Blu Warwick Philadelphia Leaving Club Carlson, Honoring Reservations

Michael W Travels reported in early March that the Radisson Blu Warwick Philadelphia was leaving Club Carlson effective April 1, 2016.

I had an upcoming 2-for-1 award stay and Club Carlson notified me the reservation will be honored.

Radisson Blu Warwick Philadelphia

There are now only 3 Radisson Blu’s in the US (2 in Minnesota, 1 in Chicago). Recent talks of a sale of Radisson may slow development of the brand even further.

There are many Radisson Blu’s in Europe. The brand is an odd duck to me, somewhere between 3.5 to 4-star, sometimes cool, often disappointing for their price point.

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Huh, as a native Minnesotan, I like to like them and I mostly do. I have an upcoming reservation at the Radisson Blu in Brussels. When it changed over to become the very first Radisson Red I never received any notification. Just happened upon it when rechecking reservations. I thought that that was odd. Not sure Radisson Red is what we had in mind when booking the stay.

Another nearly-minnesotan (Western Wisconsinite). Earliest hotel memory is the duluth radisson with the rotating top floor. Left me with an irrational affinity for Radisson. We made i tto all 4 Radisson blu in the US. Sadly, the blu moa was a snooze (why oh why would I want to be there), and the blu downtown a disappointment as they dried up practically all availabilitybefore going to 70k. I LOVED them at 44k with 2-for-1 as a green. Chicago aqua was really nice. I liked that a lot in summer. Made it to phl Warwick last fall. Fun lobby. Disappointing room.… Read more »

[…] further, your property may no longer be available, some places may require a 2-night reservation, hotel may leave the chain etc. I recommend you always have a Plan B for your points. Still, the renewal fee is cheap enough […]


Now that the Warwick is gone. We have Raddison in NYC. Where else is a good place besides Chicago to dump the free 1 night USA bonus????

rob s

i read somehwere they want to sell this chain. I think they must not be doign a good job and that’s why hotels are leaving them left and right. Pretty much all the paris hotels left radisson brand.

it may be a way for to destroy value of all the points they gave out

rob s

yeah.. check out the relatively few hotels available in paris by doing a dummy booking

i doubt all the negative press they have been receiving will keep increasing their prices.

Instead of under promising and over delivering they did the opposite. I think properties felt the brunt and ditched them.

They shoudl take some inspiration from hilton. The published benefits are weak but many hotels go above and beyond and it feels good