Then There Were 3: Radisson Blu Warwick Philadelphia Leaving Club Carlson, Honoring Reservations

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Michael W Travels reported in early March that the Radisson Blu Warwick Philadelphia was leaving Club Carlson effective April 1, 2016.

I had an upcoming 2-for-1 award stay and Club Carlson notified me the reservation will be honored.

Radisson Blu Warwick Philadelphia

There are now only 3 Radisson Blu’s in the US (2 in Minnesota, 1 in Chicago). Recent talks of a sale of Radisson may slow development of the brand even further.

There are many Radisson Blu’s in Europe. The brand is an odd duck to me, somewhere between 3.5 to 4-star, sometimes cool, often disappointing for their price point.

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rob s
rob s

i read somehwere they want to sell this chain. I think they must not be doign a good job and that’s why hotels are leaving them left and right. Pretty much all the paris hotels left radisson brand.

it may be a way for to destroy value of all the points they gave out


Now that the Warwick is gone. We have Raddison in NYC. Where else is a good place besides Chicago to dump the free 1 night USA bonus????


[…] further, your property may no longer be available, some places may require a 2-night reservation, hotel may leave the chain etc. I recommend you always have a Plan B for your points. Still, the renewal fee is cheap enough […]


Another nearly-minnesotan (Western Wisconsinite). Earliest hotel memory is the duluth radisson with the rotating top floor. Left me with an irrational affinity for Radisson. We made i tto all 4 Radisson blu in the US. Sadly, the blu moa was a snooze (why oh why would I want to be there), and the blu downtown a disappointment as they dried up practically all availabilitybefore going to 70k. I LOVED them at 44k with 2-for-1 as a green. Chicago aqua was really nice. I liked that a lot in summer. Made it to phl Warwick last fall. Fun lobby. Disappointing room.… Read more »


Huh, as a native Minnesotan, I like to like them and I mostly do. I have an upcoming reservation at the Radisson Blu in Brussels. When it changed over to become the very first Radisson Red I never received any notification. Just happened upon it when rechecking reservations. I thought that that was odd. Not sure Radisson Red is what we had in mind when booking the stay.