Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center, Sochi

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The Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center, Sochi is the prime hotel in the Olympics Coastal Cluster. On my stroll through the work in progress Olympic venues, the only place open was the Radission, which is raking it in from pre-Olympics visitors for the past year.
Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 06Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 08
The staff allowed me to see a room and also visit the rooftop patio, which is normally locked because it shares, by glass partition, a patio for the presidential suite, which was then occupied. Typical for Radisson Blu the rooms are nice, somewhat modern and spare rather than sumptuous. Views on the Olympics side are incredible, while the ocean view rooms are ocean plus port view.

Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 02

Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 03

Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 07

Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 04

Radisson is going all out for the Olympics. There is a regular Radisson along the coast to Sochi plus an additional Radisson Blu will soon open on the coast as well as a Park Inn in Sochi city proper. There are also a Radisson and a Park Inn near the skiing venues up in Rosa Khutor.

Radisson Blu Sochi Adler 05

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Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool
8 years ago

ocean huh (: