PreCheck additional DFW terminals and Texas Giant

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PreCheck has added checkpoints A-35 and D-30 to C-30 at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW), all for American Airlines flyers.

See the TSA press release and DFW terminal map to locate the checkpoints.

Texas is a big hole in the The Rapid Traveler’s US travels. He counts Giant as one of his favorite films and seeing it on the big screen is exhilarating. This dialogue between Texas rancher Bick Benedict, played by Rock Hudson, and an old money family in Maryland sets the stage:

Bick Benedict: “I know your horse is going to miss you and all this nice, green country, but… Ill try to make him happy in Texas. ”

Mrs. Lynnton: “Isn’t Texas green, Mr. Benedict? ”

Bick: “No, ma’am, not altogether.”

Sir David Karfrey: “You must tell us about Texas, Mr. Benedict.”

Bick: “It’s not that easy. It’s different than any other state, I think. At least that’s what we think. It’s almost a different country.”

Sir David: “From an Englishman’s point of view, its mere size takes your breath away.
Bick: “Yes, it’s big all right.”

Mrs Lynnton: “How large are your ranches?”

Bick: “Most every size. Large and small.”

Mr. Lynnton: “Mr. Benedict’s Reata is one of the largest of them all.”

Sir David: “Oh, really? And just how large is that?”

Bick: “It’s one of the biggest.”

Mrs Lynnton: “How big is that?”

Bick: “There are one or two others as big, I suppose, up where we come from… and some larger ones on the coastal plains.”

Sir David: “Can’t you be more specific? What’s the size of your place? 20,000 ? 50,000 acres?
Bick: “Around a half million. 595,000 acres, to be exact.”

Mr. Lynnton: “I’d call that quite a parcel!”

Mrs. Lynnton: “How many acres did you say, Mr. Benedict?”

Leslie Lynnton: “He said 595,000 acres, Mama. And you should see the greedy look on your face.”

(transcribed by The Board Blog)

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10 years ago

Glad to hear this myself. I just did my Global Entry interview last month at DFW…right after being approved I got a full TSA massage cause pre check wasn’t in D terminal. It was poetic.

10 years ago

This is great news! Glad to see it happen.

Giant is one of my favorites and can visit the filming location outside of Marfa: