Pitcain Island may become easier to visit, but you may have to immigrate and become resident #61

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The Pacific is the graveyard of many country collectors, well, at least graveyard of dreams, time and finances.

There are 8 shots a year to visit Pitcairn in its shipping schedule, the roundtrip boat fare is US$4,000 and that is from Mangareva, French Polynesia.

Lonely Planet notes that after plunking down that time and dough, travelers may not even be able to land:

Landings on Pitcairn are notoriously difficult; it’s not unknown to travel all the way to the island and then be unable to set foot on land due to rough seas. The island’s official website even posts the following disclaimer: ‘…no Government responsibility is accepted…for any death by accident…during the process of landing or departing’.

The government’s websites advises those who privately sail (bold emphasis added):
If called on the VHF Islanders will make arrangements to come and pick you up from your yacht – weather permitting. Put fenders down on the lee side and let the locals do the rest. For the first time this is highly recommended as a large amount of skill and experience is needed to negotiate the swell on the approach to the landing area at Bounty Bay, unless it is absolutely flat. This is extremely rare. Clothing should be comfortable, loose and something you don’t mind getting wet, muddy and, in the summer months, very dusty.
Today comes news that the British government wants to improve Pitcairn’s population and economy. No mention of tourism, rather the focus on stamps and .pn domain names. Maybe they will subsidize the trip for immigrants? Any country collectors interested in testing the rough waters? It would require a darn good escape plan, after all, these are descendents of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty.
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