Penn Museum Maya 2012 Lords of Time – be well informed about looming doomsday

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Maya 2012 Lords of Time opens at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia May 5 as part of the 30th annual Maya Weekend. The weekend is a full slate of lectures and activities; tickets are still available. Organizers cavalierly predict that the world will be around to see the planned end of the exhibit’s run on January 13, 2013. Penn Gazette has an interview with the curators and pictures in Time for the Maya.

West Philadelphia has broken out of the grim years as Penn continues to gentrify the area, relentlessly expanding like a wine spill. Give it a try.

Yucatan 009

Those interested is tramping through Mayan jungles can check out Parts 1, 2 and 3 of 12 hours of Yucatan Maya, a region of Mexico far removed from drug violence and a pleasure to tour. And the Guatemala archive includes posts on traveling Belize and Tikal, Guatemala, including the terror of the road: turkeys.

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10 years ago

The Penn Museum is a real gem. Saw their Amarna exhibit a couple of years ago. I think it was in conjunction with a King Tut thing at the Franklin Institute.