Oman Roadtrip (part 2): fort, closed fort, beehive tombs, really hot

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The route was a simple loop. The outbound was north from Muscat along the coast to Barka, then the road to the UAE, through fort towns Nakhal, Rustaq, and stopping in UNESCO-listed Bat to see its ‘beehive tombs,’ holding the remains of as many as 200 people. The road was two-lane and slow going, filled with cargo trucks plying the UAE-Oman route. Did not reach Bat until early afternoon. Temperature was hot. Restaurants were closed for the weekend.

Oman 013

Nakhal Fort

Oman 015

Nakhal Fort

Oman 017


Oman 018

Plantation house

Oman 020

Picnic by hot spring Ath-Thowra

Oman 021

Rustaq Fort

Oman 022

Darn, closed for renovation

The landscape of Bat and its UNESCO-listed ‘beehive tombs,’ most in disrepair, the best requiring time and a 4×4. I had neither, so settled for the crumpled ones more easily accessible.

Oman 023

Landscape of Bat

Oman 024

UNESCO-listed communal 'beehive tombs'

The irrigation canals of the region, aflaj, are UNESCO-listed, too.

Oman 025

Aflaj irrigation canals, also UNESCO-listed

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Michael W Travels
10 years ago

Some of the desert castles I visited in Jordan looked similar to those forts. I was thisclose to visiting Oman when I was in Dubai but time was not on my side.


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