NYtick: NY Restaurant Week and the British Airways Visa Signature $50 credits for Michelin star dining

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New York Restaurant Week is running July 16 – August 10, 2012. Participating restaurants offer 3-course prix fixe menus for lunch ($24.07) and dinner ($35.00). Price excludes beverages, tax and gratuities. Saturdays excluded. Many offer weekday lunch only.

The Restaurant Week page includes an American Express promotion: dine 4 times, each time at a different participating restaurant, earn a $20 statement credit. Each transaction must be minimum $24 (excluding beverage, tax and gratuities – can they even track that?). One card registration per person. See the full terms for further detail. Not worth the trouble unless planning to dine out the 4 times.

More interesting is the British Airways Visa Signature card promotion for dining at New York City Michelin star-rated restaurants. Through July 31, receive up to 2 $50 statement credits for dining at these restaurants with a minimum charge of $50. The terms do not exclude repeat dining at the same restaurant or even 2 $50 charges from the same dine.

In theory the promotions can be combined with split bills and the proper amounts.

No Michelin 3 and 2-star restaurants participate in Restaurant Week, but 8 1-star restaurants do:

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10 years ago

Hi Rapid Travel Chai, thanks for the great tip! I registered for the Amex offer. Do you know if “use the same card all 4 times” include any dining on Saturdays, even though I just order from the regular menu? I know participating restaurants usually don’t offer Restaurant Week menus on Saturdays. Does the Amex offer exclude charges made on Saturdays?

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@worldtraveler2018 – the terms say “Using the same registered Card for each transaction, you must make at least four (4) transactions of $24 or more (excluding beverages, gratuities and taxes) at four (4) different participating restaurants (at least one (1) transaction per restaurant) between July 16, 2012, and August 10, 2012.” Nothing is specified that it must be for specific set meals or meal dates, so I think you should not have a problem. Amex is sponsoring the event and trying to gain positive publicity, plus it is only over $20 so it would be odd if they made extra… Read more »