NY Trav Fest April 20-21 – travel show beyond the staid booths

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The inaugural NY Trav Fest, April 20-21, is taking a young, edgy approach with sessions like, “Your Bucket List Sucks & I’m Gonna Tell You Why.”

Day 1’s program includes a series of speakers, events, films and food tasting:

Day 2 leaves the exhibition hall for a variety of NYC tours.

There are various ticket packages starting at $40 for Saturday only or $75 for both days, plus add-ons, and a $150 VIP Package that adds a Saturday cooking class and a Mexico-themed program on Sunday.

I am a fan of the work of a number of speakers like Robert Reid and Nomadic Matt, while others are new to me, so I will attend the Saturday program. I am most interested in “Contentious Topics in Travel”:

  • Ancillary fees on air, hotels, car rentals
  • Deals or Duds?
  • What is Travel?
  • Politics in Travel
  • When Is It Okay to Complain About Travel?
  • The Merits of Disaster Tourism
  • One wild card topic via the audience

The Sunday tours are not for me, I get enough of New York on my weekdays. For those who want a fresh look at the city, there is even a Staten Island tour.

Disclaimer for miles and points addicts: there is a nary a frequent flyer program topic to be found. This is all travel. 😉

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9 years ago

I’m definitely attending this thing. I’m a little bit more interested in meeting Matt Gross, though, who used to run the NYT’s Frugal Traveler blog. It was great when he was writing it.

The Miles Professor
9 years ago

Hey, thanks for posting this! Not a bad event for those of us in the NYC area and I wouldn’t mind meeting Nomadic Matt. I may stop by depending on how the cherry blossoms are blooming… or I may be occupied with checking them out.

Roni Weiss
9 years ago

Kay: Unfortunate that you think that the idea is being marketed to for a day… It’s about travel inspiration and celebrating travel.

Note how much of the mainstage involves anyone that’s an actual sponsor.

Unfortunately, as a first-time, grassroots event, we have to cover costs and this is how it ended up working out.

It’s a very different event from NYT Travel Show, where you truly are paying X dollars to walk down a line of people marketing to you.

Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog

Some of the sessions look interesting, but I don’t like the fees. You’re basically paying a fee for privileged of being marketed at for a day. Am I missing something? The tour tickets make sense, but the $40 seems a bit steep. How much was the NYT Travel Show?

It’s a moot point for me anyway. I’ll be in Florida.