So, Now We’ll Get Good Service on United?

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United released a press release today trumpeting agreement with its flight attendants, which has been outstanding since 2010 and been an ongoing obstacle to completion of its 2010 merger with Continental. The deal has a few steps along the way to be set in stone, including union leadership and flight attendant votes.

United AFA Press Release

My United flying over the past 4 years when I status-matched to them has often been grim from a service perspective. I have flown them for convenience and the outsize value of their miles for my country-hopping, particularly recent Africa travels. Starting late 2015 I have experienced an uptick beginning with a memorable flight attendant on a Honolulu-bound flight in December. My flying has mostly been in the back of the plane, 1K status seldom gets me any upgrades outside of mid-January weekday Caribbean, and paid business travel is a thing of the past for me. Travel Codex rides up front and is pleasantly surprised by his return to United.

Glad to hear what sounds to be a breakthrough for the company to come together in a way that may bring labor peace to a work force that has been through a lot (and often passed it on). I wouldn’t want to work for yours under a cloud of labor turmoil and hope flight attendants and their families have a relieved celebration this coming 4th of July weekend.

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