North Korea Travel Q&A at FTU

I slipped in a North Korea Travel Q&A following my international travel presentation at Frequent Traveler University in Washington, D.C. this past weekend.

See my North Korea travelogue, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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Thanks for sharing!
Following is a link to the pictures I took in North Korea during my September 2010 trip if you’re interested.


Just got back – was there April 4,5,6. Went with Koryo Tours. Nothing like getting handed a paper while on Air Koryo flight to Pyongyang with headlines threatening to blow up the US – or watching BBC run stories about DPRK planning a nuclear holocaust on America – while your in a hotel in their country! Truly an amazing experience! Thanks for encouraging me to go Stefan 🙂 and sorry I missed you in DC..

Rapid Travel Chai

@100CountryGoal – great album, I especially like this portrait of a female soldier.

Rapid Travel Chai

@mw – wonderful, I am so glad you made it there! Please share more when you have the chance.

Great to see your slide shows from FTU. From this and from some earlier posts, you have convinced me to visit Tunisia. This destination is definitely off of the American radar, and I am finding it hard to find some basic info. Seems like many who go there are staying at the all-inclusive resorts. I would appreciate any links or travel resources that you know of that can get me started in my planning. We are budget travelers–not the hitchhiking and hostel crowd, but maybe a step above this. Right now I am putting together the flights with points. Thinking… Read more »

This is awesome! I hope to visit Pyongyang someday. @100coubtrygoal, those were amazing pics! Which type of camera do you use?